"And He said unto them, go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15
About us

Word is Life began its operation in the year of 1985 with a strong intention and a clear vision to serve the Lord by serving His people and proclaiming His good news and salvation to them.

The ministry was set up by Brother J. Melchizedek at Nanguneri by registering Word is Life as a non - profit Organization under the Government of India rules. Thereafter the ministry began to grow and Brother J. Melchizedek his maximum time entirely in the service of God by organizing and bringing out various activities and programmes to fulfill the mission he was called for.

Today, Word is Life carries out a number of activities that are described below in respect to the proclamation of Gods word and service to humanity.



Prayer Ministries

Feeding Programmes

Free medical Camps

Jesus Film Ministry

Gospel Crusades and conventions

Ministry among Children and Youth

Word is Life does not have any branches and does not have any intention to open branch churches. Its main aim is to strengthen the people with the Word of GOD. Word of GOD has to be shared among Christians and non christians also. Sound doctrines are preached and telecasted for this purpose without any monetary benefit. All the events are organised by the grace of GOD and by prayers only. We also expect your prayers only.Kindly remember us in your prayers.

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